Can You Buy Different Color Jackets Of Romex Cable_

The coat shades of Romex® are standard since they are supplied at the plant. The best way to get a Romex® link in an alternate shading coat is to put in an exceptional request with a base amount which you’ll have the capacity to see in around 5 to a month and a half. Southwire claims the brand name of Romex® and will give at least no less than 30,000 feet with the end goal for them to remove the standard item to make an uncommon link.


NMB link is a similar kind of link however Romex® is a brand name that has slight contrasts to the standard NMB link. Both sorts of electrical links have similar endorsements and shading codes however. The 14 AWG links arrive in a dark coat that distinguishes it as a 14/2 link or a 14/3 link. Both would likewise accompany an extra ground wire.

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Romex® 12 AWG links arrive in a yellow coat to recognize them as 12/2 or 12/3. The distinction between the 12/2 and 12/3 is the measure of conductors. The “12” implies 12 AWG and the “2” or “3” assign the measure of THHN wire inside the link. Keep in mind that the ground wire is constantly additional so it would be a third or fourth wire as an exposed copper ground.

NMB 10 AWG links arrive in an orange coat to recognize them as 10/2 or 10/3. Having these links with shading coded coats helps the circuit tester, contractual worker or installer consequently distinguish they link without cutting it open or depend on the blurred imprinting on the coat.

The adjust of Romex® links accompany a dark coat. They go from 8 AWG through 2 AWG in a 2 or 3 conductor tally. The greater part of the NMB links have THHN wires as their conveyors and an uncovered copper ground wire. You can ask for various inward conductors however it will undoubtedly bring about purchasing an alternate sort od standard link. Many solicitations are adapted towards the measure of adaptability the link has.

Address your provider about the link will run and the condition that it will keep running in. That way the provider can help you locate the least expensive adaptation of what you require with the greater part of the endorsements expected to pass review. Breaking down it your self can bring about purchasing a more costly link than what you require or perhaps purchasing the wrong link all together.